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Family-Friendly Things To Do In Independence, MO

Independence, MO is a historical town which is located just outside of Kansas City. This is a place to visit with family or friends and enjoy how history comes to life as you visit the different historical locations here. One thing you should know is that is has a Mormon history which makes it even more interesting. Another interesting thing you should know is that the 33rd president of the United States lived in Independence, MO. Here are some things you will enjoy doing in Independence, MO.

If you want to know more about Harry S Truman, you can visit the Truman library and museum. This is a great place to be and learn your history. The history has been presented in such a way that even a child can understand. Most of it is for older visitors who want to relive the history of Truman's presidency but some of it can be enjoyed by kids. Children can have a great time because they will get to learn in many ways the history of their country. There are interactive stations where children will have the opportunity to even dress up like President Truman and have fun pretending to be him.

There is also the National Frontier Trails which bring to life the times when the American ancestors crossed the river heading west. Even better, the museum holds artifacts and even journals of people who were part of the trail. Children will get so see writings from children who were part of the trail. They will get to experience what it was like to go on this trail many years ago. To discover more about the amazing city of Independence, you can view here!

There is also a Puppetry Arts Institute in Independence, MO where kids can get to make their own puppets. This is exciting for kids because kids love puppets. They will get to pick out the color of their puppets and even put eyes on them. At the end of it all, they can put up their own puppet show and have fun while at it.
When you are out with family, you have to enjoy a sweet treat don't you? The kids won't be happy unless they have some sweet treats to enjoy while on the trip. No need to worry, while in Independence, MO, the kids will find out where President Truman got his first job. This is the one and only Clinton's Soda Fountain. They will get to enjoy ice cream and other niceties that will make happy kids. Learn more about the state of Missouri by clicking here:

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